Reframing Pacific Exports

The Pacific is well known for its sandy beaches and beautiful fresh produce; however, many are unaware of the high-end jewellery manufacturers based in the Pacific Islands as well as the high-quality gems they produce. For a second year, PTI Australia has hosted a Pacific delegation at Sydney’s International Jewellery Fair to shine a spotlight on the Pacific’s unique aesthetic and the high-end jewellers working in the Pacific Islands.

Four Pacific jewellers: Vanuatu Bijouterie, Kora Pearls from the Cook Islands, and CJ Jewellery and Petite Pierre from New Caledonia, were selected for PTI Australia’s Pacific Showcase at the fair held from 25–27 August.

The International Jewellery Fair is Australia’s number one jewellery event, bringing together local and international suppliers, wholesalers, jewellers, gemmologists, designers and buyers. Mona Mato, Manager Exports, PTI Australia, said that PTI Australia’s Pacific Showcase had a real presence at the show reflecting the pacific region as a pristine ocean with unspoiled lagoons of resources and home to some of the world’s finest gems. 

“It was great to elevate the profile of Pacific jewellery internationally. Buyers commented how impressed they were with the craftmanship of the jewellery on display.”

The International Jewellery fair also provides a great learning opportunity and for exhibitors to see what is trending in jewellery and techniques of manufacture.

“At the fair you’re displaying with large international brands like Dyrberg/Kern and this provides the opportunity to do market research and understand how you compare in both price and quality. I’m really proud that we could show Australia the diversity of what is produced in the Pacific Islands and the fine jewellery that we have.”

New Caledonia jeweller Pierrette Faure from Petite Pierre Designs, said it had been an incredible experience.

“It’s been a gift to be here representing New Caledonia and the Pacific. I’m grateful to PTI Australia for providing this platform to showcase my work. The feedback has been very positive, and I’ve made some good connections and have started to build awareness of my brand and my work in Australia.”