The global demand for food is growing. With its clean, green environment the Pacific Island countries are well placed for partnerships as a premium food supplier. There is the potential for investment across the supply chain from agriculture and aquaculture farming to production, including food processing.

Consumer Goods

Known for its unspoilt environment and high-quality natural resources the Pacific Islands has developed niche industries providing opportunities for investment including skin care, cosmetics, jewellery and fashion design.

Creative Industries

An emerging sector in the Pacific Islands is its creative industry. In expressing their cultures and their selves, Pacific Islanders have shifted from creating handicrafts to using traditional skills and techniques to produce unique commercial items and highly valuable bespoke pieces.


Identified by Pacific Island Governments as a key priority, there is a growing pipeline of investment opportunities in infrastructure projects. Pacific Island countries are looking for investors to finance; construct; own and operate - or through a joint venture - invest in transport, utilities and social infrastructure projects.


A growing sector, the Pacific Islands offers manufacturing investment opportunities across a broad range of products including textiles, garments, food processing, sugar and wood.

Professional Services

The Pacific Islands provide investment opportunities across many industries including legal and accounting, building and construction, business process outsourcing, and market research.  

Resources and energy

The Pacific region has an abundant, diverse and underexplored mineral and energy resources, offering significant opportunities for investment.  


Tourism is a growing sector in the Pacific Islands, providing opportunities for investment in new and enhanced tourism infrastructure and offerings.