Muri Beach Villas - A PTI Australia client who found investors through our services.
Muri Beach Villas - A PTI Australia client who found investors through our services.

Investment Services

PTI Australia promotes and attracts foreign direct investment into the Pacific Island countries - we understand the challenges of investing and doing business in the Pacific.  We work in partnership with each of the 16 Forum Island country Investment Promotion Authorities and can provide the information you need to make good investment decisions. We provide a streamlined approach that saves investors time and money.

We coordinate investment enquiries from both foreign investors and Pacific Island organisations and companies. We have built a network of investors and can identify investment ready opportunities.

Investment Directory 

With fantastic tax incentives, friendly and hardworking people, and tropical climate, the Pacific Islands is a very good place to find your next investment. Whether you are thinking of retiring to a warm sandy place in the Pacific, or a large business looking to diversify, search our database of PTI validated investment opportunities in the Pacific Islands.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing of services has the potential to create thousands of jobs in the Pacific region every year. IT related industries alone could be worth an estimated US$31 billion per year to the region (World Bank).

Pacific Islands like Fiji have:

  • a labour market that is young and qualified 
  • competitive internet infrastructure, which is now rapidly improving in terms of speed, quality and cost;
  • strong political support; and
  • wage levels comparable to international norms.

PTI initiates investor missions with a focus on showcasing the country’s business processing outsourcing (BPO) capabilities. 

For more information about our BPO missions click here.



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